License #1035078

Single Family Homes

Pilot has a superior reputation for painting because of over 35 years of experience accompanied with very knowledgeable and dedicated employees. We know that whether your home is a large mansion or your first starter house, it is also an investment to look beautiful and protect against weather and wear. We do everything possible to make the painting process as trouble free as possible. We address all your special needs and go to great lengths to protect your landscape, patio furniture and personal property.

Normal Preparation Includes:

  • Trenching dirt back to allow paint to go below ground level where applicable
  • Treat all mildewed areas with a bleach solution to kill bacteria
  • Power wash all painted surfaces to remove dirt and dust
  • Patch all stucco areas to match existing texture
  • Replace any loose or missing caulking
  • Remove loose paint by grinding, wire brushing, sanding and scraping
  • Prime all bare surfaces with high quality primer

Other services and features Pilot offers:

  • Help determine the best quality paint for your home
  • Help you select your colors
  • Replacement of dryrot, termite infested and moisture damaged wood
  • Repair and replace stucco, drywall and wrought iron