San Lorenzo

I am writing this letter to let you know what a great job your company did at San Lorenzo Community Association in Yorba Linda. Particularly, I was impressed with the response and professionalism of Matthew Rozok. From the first day, he stepped into our community the Board President and I were immediately at ease and knew our community was in good hands. Matthew and the crew continued to keep the communication going with notice posting, completing the work on time, and worked with our residents to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Not only did the crew go above and beyond to help residents move items but they also left the community clean and tidy on a daily bases. We understand that, in our industry especially, people don’t always take the time to stop and say “Thank You, you did a great job, the community looks great.” Therefore I wanted to make sure you know, we appreciate you and you did a great job!!! THANK YOU!

Jeaneane Gillespie-Vice President StoneKastle Community Management