Smoketree Anaheim

When we started our painting project I was hoping things would go smoothly, there wouldn’t be a lot of extra work for me to do and that we would have a wonderful, professional on-site crew. You promised that’s what we’d get, but you delivered so much more. We are so pleased by the work your crews have done. All the buzz in the neighborhood is about how magnificent our new paint job is and what a great job the crews did. I, however, know first-hand how fantastic the crews were. I watched them inspect, repair wood, power wash, and paint. The crews worked efficiently while still applying great care in their work. Everyone I saw was incredibly cognizant of the homeowners and their homes. But the most impressive of the group was Mauro. Honestly, I have never met a more gracious, kind, and patient crew leader (in ANY industry). He listened to every homeowner who had a question or a concern. Even when his crew had absolutely nothing to do with the homeowner’s complaint, Mauro did his best to take care of the homeowner and solve the problem. He was truly a joy to have on property. I am so thankful I had the great privilege to work with the entire Pilot Painting crew (including Corrie at the office-she was so quick in responding to everything). Thank you again for going above and beyond our expectations. I wish ALL contractors were as easy to work with as Pilot was and gave such beautiful results.

Camille Contorno-President SmokeTree Anaheim HOA